Stuck for a special present to give my wife at her 60th Birthday Party, I had been drawn to DuffGordon’s latest paintings. I was really impressed with the style and expression he captured in his work.

As I could not make up my mind which painting to buy, I enquired if he would paint a portrait of my 5 year old, twin grand daughters. I was relieved to discover that DuffGordon was very enthusiastic about the prospect and rose to the challenge. He has painted them beautifully.

We have literally hundreds of photographs of our grand daughters, but this portrait is unbelievable, It has a depth that you simply cannot get from a photograph. DuffGordon has also captured their individual personalities perfectly. The painting talks to you. We never get tired of looking at it, as every time we do, something new jumps out at us. My wife Mary says it’s her best present ever!

I was so please by the family’s reaction when they saw the painting for the first time, I have since asked DuffGordon to paint another portrait, this time of my lovely daughter Nikki.

Terry Walker
London, UK - March 2013

My go-to man was Clive DuffGordon, as I was familiar with his portraits of big-name musicians; such as John Lee Hooker, Brian Jones (of the Rolling Stones) and Elton John.

Mr. DuffGordon met with me personally so that I could describe the kind of image I was seeking. I am a very expressive player, singing loud, banging my feet, and grimacing during a solo performance, so the challenge was to capture the exact feel of the blues being created on a small stage in a gritty Houston bar late on a Saturday night.

Working from multiple photographs and with audio input from my last CD while he painted, Clive was able to catch just the right nuance of a live blues gig. I am really pleased with the way my favourite resonator guitar just jumps out, almost in three dimensions, from the finished painting.

I will use this image in all of my promotional materials both hard copy and electronic media outlets, and the original will have pride of place in my home studio. Kudos to Clive for this excellent portrait.

The Rev. Doctor Otis Futhermucker
Houston, Texas - December 2012

I am always on the look out for up and coming artists. I wasn’t disappointed when I was able to preview Clive DuffGordon’s inaugural exhibition in 2011. So often all the best pieces have gone by the time I arrive at an exhibition, so I was delighted to be able to purchase some wonderful pieces that fitted perfectly into my new home.

I have since commissioned Clive to paint a new piece of Venice, similar to my own, as a gift for a dear friend, as I can't’t bring myself to part with mine. Needless to say the resulting work was just as good.

Swee-Im Ung,
Labuan, Malaysia - November 2012

Clive Duff Gordon and my husband, Jay, became friends in their teens and maintained their friendship throughout the years, despite geographical separation. Over the years Jay and I had seen many of Clive's paintings and were impressed with his broad scope of subjects and his ability to transfer them to canvas.

When Jay passed away, I knew that I wanted Clive to paint his portrait. Clive captured the true essence of Jay and his love of life, and each time I look at the portrait, I feel the warmth that was conveyed through Clive's paintbrush.

Sam Booker
Vancouver, Canada - October 2013

I was thrilled to receive this portrait of my lovely daughter, Nikki. It now has pride of place in my office so that I can admire it every day.

It is so interesting how Clive has managed to capture Nikki's personality. I am drawn to this painting again and again, not just because it is of Nikki, but because it is a beautiful piece of artwork.

Mary Linden-Kelly
London, UK - November 2013
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